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My Year’s Supply of Gum

My situation as it stands at the moment is seemingly problematic.

I am planning on going to University in September, and my biggest problem seems to be my nutrition rather than what you would think is most important – the actual work. No, that’s not a problem at all.

The student finance people have been kind enough to give me a maintenance loan which will cover just half of my accomodation, therefore I shall be scrounging off my parents until I find a job – which to be honest, is quite unlikely.

So therefore, to keep myself alive, I have to buy food, and my parents have no faith in me that I will manage this successfully. My family also has this presumption that I can’t live without cheese, literally. It’s a pretty weak opinion, because I can, food just doesn’t taste as good without it.

Anyway, I will likely starve half of the time, considering I have no set list of recipes and such, which I really should make. Plus, some food I just can’t make, I can make macaroni, but obviously that contains a large amount of cheese, and apparently that’s expensive.

I’m digressing, at some point during the next year, it is likely that I will be alone and destitute in my room, my stomach rumbling like a motorbike. This precognition of events triggered a thought in my head that stemmed from the visit of my ‘uncle’ from Boston.

I kindly asked him to bring me some chewing gum, just a bit, because I found a flavour I quite liked. I certainly didn’t expect him to bring back a couple KILOGRAMS of the stuff. I mean, it’s a tad OTT. So at this moment, I have about 2-3 years supply of chewing gum – considering I am not exactly an avid chewer.

Now, back to the present, well the future. When I am groaning for nutrition, looking gaunt and in need of a hug, I will know that locked away in my cupboard is tonnes of chewing gum. So for sure, when I run out of food and money, I’ll always have gum, which to tell the truth is not the happiest of thoughts, even if it is somewhat tasty.

I believe the best solution to this incredible amount of gum is to devise some sort of recipes made from gum. Maybe I can leave it to harden and carve it into shapes of actual food to convince my brain that yes, this is nutrition. And hopefully that old myth of it taking 7 years to digest chewing gum won’t exist.

At least my teeth will be xylitol strengthened.

Lovely. :/

Taken in Instagram for effect.

Lena – Liebe meines Lebens

I have decided to improve my German listening and speaking skills seeing as I need a B in my A Level and the exam is in June so I better start now. I came to the conclusion that the best way to learn would be to listen to the language, along with reading it. Therefore I began searching the world wide web.

ZDF.de has always been a great asset to me. I have only used it for listening to the news, which we often do in class. Having been in Germany and watching the channel, I knew that they had various programmes. I started to flick through the pages, and found a show that was in today’s TV guide. The show was called Lena – Liebe meines Lebens (Lena – love of my life). I thought this sounded quite interesting.

ZDF has an archive, so I searched through, found episode 1 and pressed play.

I don’t exactly know what I was expecting, maybe some kind of teen – young adult drama. Light hearted and such. I found that it’s sort of like a soap opera, and I don’t mean like  British soap operas (Eastenders, Coronation Street e.t.c) it was like an American soap opera (Bold and the Beautiful, Days of our lives) and everyone knows that entails the trademark dramatic music which changes every other minute, and the dramatic close up shots.
Most of the time I find these type of shows nauseas, and I think that might be because we don’t have shows like this in England. Ours are more normal. Although it was set up like this, I decided to continue watching, and I found it pretty good.
The story line is about a sort of happy-go-lucky girl called Lena, and the story focuses on her family life, and also the other main character David and his family life. They merge and it just goes through the story line. Like Lena’s fathers affair, her boyfriend and his desire to keep her at home with his son. While with David his grandmothers health, and his father’s desire to have the huge house they live in.
I haven’t personally seen a show like it, and I really like how it slowly develops. It doesn’t really rush into anything. And though the music may get a bit crazy at times, they play a few snippets of good songs. In the 2nd episode I heard a little bit of “sex is on fire”, so it can be nice at times.
I also like that it is set in Cologne, and it really emphasises the beauty of Cologne’s surrounding area, along with the city. With scenes like Lena riding around on her bicycle.

It is going to be strange to me for a long time because British soap operas are so dark and lame:

You can just tell from comparing those two pictures how different soap operas clearly are in different countries.  

Well I think I am going to continue watching Lena, it is quite interesting and I must say that the characters aren’t too shabby:


 Catch my flow.  XD

At The End Of The Day

I didn’t win the election XD. Suprisingly I don’t mind that much, which I didn’t expect. Maybe because I wasn’t that bothered about it in the beginning, and I have other things to do. Such as the EPQ, which is “Extended Project Qualification”. So for that I have to write an essay about something I find interesting. I’m looking forward to it, thinking of doing something involving English and Literature. I have to give that a lot of thought. Then along with that, there is my personal statement that I have to write. I still don’t even know what I am supposed to do with that. I am soooo clueless.

What I have been trying for the last month is to get a job, and I am failing miserably. Nobody seems to want me, and I feel like I am filling out the applications completely wrong XD. Even though I have no experience beside 2 weeks at New! Magazine.

I have applied to John Lewis, Best Buy, Mcdonalds and even Hobby Craft, which i am extremely qualified for, since i have an art GCSE, and i know a lot about craft. It’s a shame really, since i didnt even get a rejection letter.

I dont know how people handle it, if i just had some experience I could easily get a job, but if you dont have experience you can’t ever get a job. Unless someone pitied me.

I just want something to do, i like working, thats why i apply to things like student union and EPQ, because i think i can do the job well. That’s why i became a senior prefect, and i think that is the one time i have lucked out, since i was picked out of everyone in my year, and their were only 12 places. I think i did the job very well, which is probably how I got into the college i am currently in.

I think the most important thing now, for this summer, is to just get a really good personal statement out of me, so i can manage some how to get into the university of my choice. I really hope that i can at least win this fight.

Because really at the end of the day, i work hard, and i hope its hard enough.