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XFM Winter Wonderland

On Wednesday 15th December, I had the delightful opportunity of attending XFM’s Winter Wonderland at Brixton Academy. The event had swiftly sold out, so luckily me and a couple of friends managed to get seating tickets for £25.

Right Cowgirls

We turned up just as the doors opened, and strangely we managed to get really good seats. We also got freebies because of the sponsor – José Cuervo Tequila. Although I did not take the tequila, I did get a lovely straw hat, bandana and a show line-up badge. This seemed to be a good beginning, because I do love freebies.

The show was set to start at 7, and at 7:05 the first presenter got on stage, opening the evening, and welcoming Mona onto the stage.


Mona was quite good, they weren’t too loud, and they had a couple of good songs. I had previously heard of them before, but had not yet ventured towards their MySpace channel. I thought they were okay at first, but after 3 songs, they sounded kind of similar. It all just merged into one song, however they are still good.

The next presenter came on after the set up, this time being my beloved Dave Berry. I had an inkling who the next band would be, based on the drum set, which was silver.

The Drums, Drums.
Mr Berry Himself



I was correct in thinking the next band would be The Drums.

Just a hint at their Zanyness.

Truthfully this band is the highlight of any night, their songs are all different, both getting you dancing and singing, and also getting you to sort of chill and sway. The guitarist Jacob Graham is also an INSANE dancer. Doing a crazy interpretive dance to “Down by the Water” in its entirety, because of his lack of guitar parts in that song. At the end of the song, he finished with a pose, it was… beautiful.

 We then waited while the roadies got on stage and sorted it all out. Waiting for the band we had come for the band we had previously seen at Shepherds Bush – Two Door Cinema Club.

Two Door

They were amazing as usual, this band fails to disappoint, and they played all of their great songs, I had just wished they could have played more than 5 songs.

Then we waited for the band we had come for – White Lies. I had never seen them live before, and I was looking forward to it. There was speculation that they would sing mostly their new songs, for their new album. I thought I would therefore be disappointed, not because these new songs are bad, which they aren’t. But because I wanted a rendition of their album To Lose My Life.

White Lies ❤
White Lies ❤


However, I was not disappointed. Not in the slightest. It was perfect!

At this point in the night, we had really seen everything we wanted to see. We had come for these opening bands, and to tell the truth the older band, and headliners Manic Street Preachers would have just been an addition.I have nothing against Manic Street Preachers but they are quite old, and I know only one song by them. Which I love, but if they have like 10 albums, it’s highly unlikely they would sing this one song.

We waited around a while, the next band coming on would be Suede who are also from back in the day. I saw that they were setting up for an acoustic performance, so we decided to stay. I have always liked acoustic performances and of course it was good, even if I didn’t know any of the words to the songs.

I enjoyed the night thoroughly, and it is highly likely that if we had stayed for Manic it would have put the icing on the cake. But we did have college the next day, and we were thoroughly beat.