Tron – Looked at by a Fusspot.


*Contains Some Spoilers.*


Tron Legacy, one of the most anticipated film of the year. Having been 28 years since the first one, the creators would have a lot to work with. I saw Tron Legacy on Wednesday in 3D, and I definitely believe that cinematically the film was amazing. The costumes, interesting and high tech looking, the several weapons and vehicles quite spectacular, but I fell on a flaw.

I don’t usually have problems with films, on occasion I am usually the one who likes the worse films because of their dialogue, acting, scenery or music. This means that my basis for a good film, are completely different from others. However my basis for a bad film, or at least a bad part of a film is the logic of the film. And I don’t mean the logic of whether it makes sense, such as Inception being out of this world and unlikely, but my problem with logic, is when the small intricacies are not explained. Others won’t realise or care, but always do. If you are going to make a film, and it is sci-fi, you must include some details.

There are a lot of problems with Tron Legacy (from my point of view), logic-wise. I personally have not seen Tron, and after watching numerous interviews with the directors and writers for the new one, I was led to believe I did not have to. However, it is quite clear that you should watch the film, to fully understand what is happening.

Within the film, it is made clear that once Flynn (Jeff Bridges) had created The Grid, life forms began to appear without any of his input called ISO’s. This is all clear enough, yet there is no explanation as to where the Programs came from. The audience is only made aware of Clu (a copy of himself) and Tron. Therefore it leaves me thinking, who created the Programs? It was most probably Flynn, but why was this not explained?

Secondly, why is it Clu has the ability to kill or reassign the Programs? I can understand that he was given some power as Flynn’s digital copy, but this to me, does not make any sense. This also leading to the question, how come there are so many Programs? Even after years/cycles of Clu killing them in the games and just plain violence, how is there still so many?

Another problem I have is with Tron, the film is named Tron, you’d think he would have a more prominent part in the film. The guy is on screen for 3 minutes max, doesn’t say anything, and to me he seems more like a character they HAD to add in when they were writing the screenplay, or it wouldn’t have made any sense to name it Tron Legacy. No effort was made to explain why Tron turned bad (I suspect Clu reassigned him) ,you would think, being the first Program, only Flynn would be able to reassign him. And no care was shown from Flynn towards Tron, seeing as how they were clearly very close, and he had saved his life. The probable death of Tron, was a disgrace, and truthfully Tron should have had a bigger part. He could have easily been used in the film as a Darth Vader type character- Having been on the side of good, and then being turned bad because of corruption. Then there could have been this whole scene at the end, where he turns good again. Just my idea, but I feel they didn’t do the character any justice.

Finally, though this problem is small, I still couldn’t get it out of my head. So Quorra is an ISO, and she was saved by someone, and she managed to get to Flynn. Who was this someone? First of all, and secondly how does Zeus know her? When he heard her name, his face was one of disdain, what did that mean? There was no explanation as to how they knew each other, and I hated that, I like when characters have depth, but when you suggest depth and don’t explain it, it’s completely pointless.

Yes, the film was visually good, but the storyline had flaws that I couldn’t let go of. I know I am probably thinking too far into it, seeing as it is a Disney movie for kids, but I can’t help it, I am just that meticulous.

This is me. I am just that Meticulous.

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